I go to Pine Creek Canyon all the time to hike. It’s a beautiful gem hidden up in Red Rock Canyon. The last time I went,¬†however, I lost the most recent photos to the creek (dropped my memory card in the creek while changing it out). So, without further ado, I present my photos from last month that look remarkably like my ones from this month (deer included!) I use a Canon Rebel t3i that I got last year. It’s a phenomenal camera for the price and I don’t do it any justice.



The wonderful thing about Pine Creek Canyon is the mule deer population. Mule deer are a hunter’s favorite — apparently, they taste wonderful and their antlers look good in living rooms. I just think they’re cute. Whenever I go, I see many female deer eating in the grass. They’ll run from the average hiker, but if you’re very, very careful, you can get quite close to the little guys.

It’s such an amazing sight to see them, as common aphotoessay-14s they still are, because of their dwindling populations.The Nevada Department of Wildlife says that our populations in 2004 were more than that 100 years ago, but they’ve been on a steady decline for the past 15 years. Droughts in northern Nevada are also a factor in their population decrease:

Meanwhile, since 2012, Nevada’s mule deer herd has declined from an estimated 112,000 animals to about 108,000 this year, said Cody Schroeder, the department’s specialist on the animal.

108,000 is still a lot, but on the Pine Creek Trail, you’ll only spot maybe 10 at most. The trail is also beautiful in it’s general wildlife, and hiking up the creek is unlike any other trail near Las Vegas. The constant moisture from the creek provides flourishing greens and old, strong trees. It’s definitely out of our world and will make you feel like you’re in an east coast mountain.

I took these photos and the rest on my Flickr page on the Canon Rebel, and lightly edited with Lightroom.