Waking up early, in a city where a vast amount of people are still passed out from their endless partying the night before,is interesting i will admit. Because most of the world doesn’t  realize there are actually people who live ,work and have families in Las Vegas.

The most shocking thing about waking up in Las Vegas is not the strange people you see walking around, its actually the fact that its 9 am and  90 degrees. It always amazes me. When living a desert or dry climate, the first thing that comes to mind is ahhhh! I need water. Keeping hydrated in a must. I think it’s safe to say that Las Vegas is not one of those places overflowing with water.

Lake mead seems to be evaporating by the minute. Las Vegas residents are encourage to do their part in preserving the little water we have left.

For example, The Southern Nevada Water Authority actually gives Las Vegas residents a rebate for converting their water thirsty grass to desert landscaping. I went out with my Nikon 1 J1 camera, which I adore and found out that desert landscaping doesn’t have to be dry,boring and lacking design.  UNLV’s desert landscaping is not only beautifully designed, it seems to have been really thought out and detailed placement. I think it is a wonderful example of how you can take a small idea and create something magical.

These photos show that desert landscaping can become more than meets the eye. Although this just one of the many ways to preserve water, I believe it is one that many people can appreciate and can even turn into a community or group effort. So has water shortages in Las Vegas somehow brought the community together? I guess only time will tell. Water shortages are happening in may places including California. Check out this article that has Las Vegas ranked #3 on the list!