063 Looking for family fun look no further than Craig Ranch Regional Park. Located at 628 W. Craig Rd. in North Las Vegas, this park has a lot to offer for families looking to get out and get fresh air.

There is a cement trail that runs through the park, so if you’re looking to get outdoors and get fit it gives you plenty of space. If you’re more of the get outside and eat type. The park offers plenty of areas for grilling. It is the perfect place for the Fourth of July bar-b-que.

The park boast a 65,000 square foot skate park. When I went the skate park was packed with skateboarders of all ages getting in on the fun. If you have a child interested in skateboarding this is a great place to take them.

The basketball and volleyball courts were also packed as well. There were plenty of kids partaking in pick up games.

For the younger kids the park has different play areas with different themes. The flower playground includes large ceramic replicas of flowers. Another play area resembles a large hollowed out tree trunk. Don’t miss the giant rabbit. It is perfect for taking photos on.

While the park has lots to offer, it is also controversial as well. Since the recession North Las Vegas has struggled with its budget and Craig Ranch Regional Park is estimated to cost the city $2.2 million to maintain each year. Las Vegas Review Journal recently did a story on this issue.

Even though there might be budget issues the park seems to be thriving.¬†I visited Craig Ranch Regional Park Wednesday evening and there were a good amount of people in the various areas of the park. I chose to take photos with my iPhone 5 to capture the scene of the park. It isn’t a standard digital camera, but most smartphone cameras have the capability of taking quality photos. If you’re interested in photos of the park check out my Flickr album.