Photograph taken by Clarrissa Lovett

Photograph taken by Clarrissa Lovett


The 2014 NHL season has come to an end with the NHL Awards on June 24th in Las Vegas. Hockey players from all teams gathered at the Encore Theater inside the Wynn to watch the awards show. Many different sites were predicting winners for these awards, including

With all of the things happening around Las Vegas with the NHL currently and with the Wranglers, our local team, previously it would be hard to say that hockey is becoming a thing of the past. If anything hockey is gaining more and more fans.

The NHL commissioner, Gary Bettman, spoke with Fox 5 on Monday, June 23 about the possibility of bringing a NHL team to Las Vegas. According to Fox 5 the biggest problem that Bettman had with bringing a team to Las Vegas was that we did not have a suitable venue. Well, with the MGM breaking ground on a new 20,000 seat arena, Las Vegas is looking better and better for a franchise. Bettman said, “The answer is we don’t know. People like to come here, but in terms of putting a franchise here, it’s not something we’re ready to address right yet.” While it may not be a definite yes, it is a glimmer of hope that we may one day have a NHL team right here in Las Vegas.

Hockey is becoming a hot topic in Las Vegas. Children have two choices of ice rinks to go to currently in Las Vegas in order to learn how to play hockey. One of those is the Sobe Ice Arena, where not only children and adults play but the Wranglers also play there along with some professionals during their time in the off season.

I was able to capture some photographs of adults who play at the Sobe Ice Arena in April and May. With the cooperation of some of the players I was able to get behind the bench to take photographs of all of the teams. They were a very welcoming group of people.

Children have camps that are available to them as well as leagues that they can play in. Adults can play on a league every Monday night at the Sobe Ice Arena or every Wednesday night at the Las Vegas Ice Center. Adults can also play in pick-up games on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

For more information on the ice arenas and the times for hockey or public skates, click on the their names above and it will take you to their calendars.

I am now able to share photographs of the adult hockey leagues through my Flickr account. I hope to continue to not only take photographs with my Canon camera but also to post them for all to see through my Flickr account.