twitter-journalism1We all know social media is a growing form of communication in today’s society, but how can we use and manage these forms of communication in the world of journalism? Marshall Kirkpatricks gives an inside to How We Use Twitter for Journalism and Leah Betancourt gives us The Journalist’s Guide to Twitter.

Though both of these two sources we learn that social media is really a tool for journalism. We simply need to be smart about the how we use these tools. It is important to keep a professional image on social media as we are putting this image out into the world for everyone to see. The purpose is to grow professionally and having a bad image online would prevent that.

Social media gives us the ability to have an interaction with our readers. It gives us the ability to put out a single question for our readers to reply too. This is one of the most basic but most powerful tools we gain through social media.

Apart from allowing us to be involved with our audience, social media gives us the ability to publish at anytime, and anywhere we may be. This is the reason why it has become the tool for breaking news. It is not uncommon for a breaking news story to appear on twitter before it does on television.

Social media also allows us to enter a world of networking that didn’t exist before. We can begin to build relationships simply through our followers on social media. We need to remember that our accounts are a representation of us and should remain professional when trying to build professional relationships online.

It is important to note that social media is simply just a tool for journalist. It may be used to promote work, obtain readers input, and share breaking news. However, we must use it correctly to always maintain our professional image. Always proofread, keep it simple, and share information that will obtain the attention of the readers. Through this, social media will be a tool on your road to success!