twitter-journalism1Social media is an important part of a journalist took kit. Media sites like Facebook and Twitter play a key role in delivering news to readers. Today, the news must get out even faster. Newspapers and magazines cannot deliver news fast enough. Readers need to know what happened, where, who, and what time. Social media allows for journalists to deliver news immediately. With 140 character allowance, journalists have to be concise. There is no possibility to bury the lead or use frivolous words. There must be a focus for presenting all the basic facts in the simplest manner. The great part about writing for social media is journalists have been practicing this kind of writing since the beginning of J school. Following the inverted pyramid and finding new ways to get readers to pay attention. Social media is the perfect transition for journalistic writing.

Although social media is a great tool, it can be used improperly. A journalists social media, it’s always being watched. Readers are paying attention to who the journalist really is. Posting comments that reflect personal behavior change the readers opinion on not only journalist but the publication. Journalists have a code they must abide by after being employed by a company.

Journalistic uses of social media are any use of breaking news. When an accident happens on the freeway, a news station posts where the wreck happened right when they find out. Journalists can also use social media to deliver updates to breaking stories as well as photos. Their on-site broadcasts will immediately be uploaded to the internet for all of their readers to be updated.

Journalists use several tools within Twitter to enhance their networks. A popular tool is MediaOnTwitter, a data base for journalists on twitter. It allows search by beats, usernames, their media outlets, and their location. This is a great asset for finding other journalist dealing with the same beats or similar types of stories.

Tracking information on social media is extremely important for journalists. It helps them stay up to date with information regarding their stories and beats. TweekDeck is another great tool to track hashtags and topics and even tweets and messages shared between contacts.

Social media use has blossomed and become a top item in a journalists tool box. It’s the direct connection with readers and the perfect outlet for delivering breaking news.