Social Media TrainSocial media is not just a part of our personal lives anymore, it is a part of our professional lives as well.

Journalists need to know how to use Twitter and Facebook in order to promote content, gain new readers and to build professional relationships with readers. A conversation can easily begin between a journalist and a reader on Facebook and Twitter unlike print. A journalist and their readers are able to have a full on, back and forth conversation by commenting back on Facebook or tweeting back on Twitter.

Social media also makes things so much easier for getting feedback now a days. Journalists can see if their readers are enjoying their work by checking to see how many “likes” on Facebook the post got or how many “favorites” or “retweets” the Tweet got on Twitter.

In today’s day and age, every journalist wants to get the story out as fast as possible and before anyone else. With Twitter and Facebook a journalist can easily post breaking news in a matter of seconds with “full story coming shortly” to let the readers know you have the story and will be posting it soon.

However, I do think journalists need to be cautious of what they post on the Internet. It’s the same concept when teaching a 13-year-old what is appropriate to post on the Internet and what is not. Journalists have to be careful about what they post because once they hit “post” or “submit” button, that content is out there and they can’t take it back. Even though there are some things that journalists should be cautious about when using Twitter and Facebook for professional reasons, I still believe Twitter and Facebook are excellent tools for journalists.

Overall, I believe that Twitter and Facebook is the most convenient way for readers to see a journalists work. Even if a reader is working all day, they can come home, sit down and scroll through their Facebook news feed or Twitter timeline and see a journalists posts from a few hours ago or even a few days ago.

Here are some tips and advice for journalists when using social media: