I chose my theme because i feel it represents me. There are several things that one should consider when choosing a theme. I am a person who loves to travel and I think of myself as a visionary who loves beautiful views. I feel when I am looking at something beautiful whether it be a gorgeous beach or sunset. It really helps me go deep within myself to find myself in thought.

I think my mood and overall tone are happy .but not just an ordinary happy but something more than that. I think my mood is chill and relax and inquisitive and mind wondering. I chose a color scheme of natural earthy or beach on a nice day.  My inspiration was, I thought what mood i wanted which was almost like bliss to me. I wanted to create a feeling of almost being whisked away in thought.

My theme is pretty simple because i want it to be more about what i am saying and not much what is going on. I wanted it to give people the opportunity to think and draw their own conclusions without distraction. My type font is simple and easy to read.

There are many themes to choose from. My theme is pretty customizable, however I actually liked the theme that was set in place because it represented what i was going for. I wanted simplicity meets day dream. Almost like let your mind wonder and see what happens. i can change the colors ,which i did.

I wanted to make it my own and the original colors were a bit to blah for me. I haven’t added any images yet. I did however add a video of some pretty cool places that i thought would be interesting and set the mood. In addition to that i added a song to play in the background that i thought gave a nice relaxing ,whimsical feeling to my blog. Overall it is a work in progress but i think it its coming along nicely.