A screenshot of one of 2014′s best designs.

Are you trying to become famous or successful through a blog? Do you think your writing alone is going to do this? No. In today’s society, blog and web design is just as important as the content. There are too many people in the world trying to do the same exact thing you are. Everyone is using the same stories with the same words. In order to separate yourself from the competition, you have to be appealing through personalization and creativity. Generic designs aren’t going to get you anywhere. Your blog design tells your audience about your story. Please visit this website to see Hubspots article about 10 award-winning websites with kick-ass designs.

My blog describes me. In fact, my blog has a picture of myself as the header. Many people will think this is conceited, but that is exactly why I did it. I want people to know that these are my own thoughts and opinions. When people come to my blog, I want them to feel like they entered through a door leading to my brain. I chose this design to put more emphasis on the header. This design allows me to change the header whenever I please. This means that I can communicate with my audience through a giant picture at first glance. According to an article on Heartifb.com, “Your blog’s header is the first thing your audience sees…and headers shouldn’t be too tall so they reader can see a portion of your recent post. This design covers both of those! I also chose this design because it was more hip than the others. This design also has a good balance of text and white space. My current header makes the copy seem like it’s less. My colors a very neutral. The light grey background, white space in my header and black text makes my text easy to read. I added the blue color on the buttons for a hint of color. I love everything about this design, but the size of the font. The design doesn’t allow you to change it. It takes up too much space even if it may be easier to read. I guess that’s one downside of having only one column. You either have to write more with a smaller font, add pictures to take up room or have big font. As I said earlier, this design was a little more hip-looking than the others. I think I’d have a lot of fun with this design if I was able to do custom CSS.