I chose this blog theme because I love visuals and rely on them to acquire attention to a topic or idea. My tumblr is the same way. It contains mostly images and images that link to more popular and telling comment. They say don’t judge a book by its cover but isn’t it fun to see what’s inside something that interests our eyes?

I like the dark gray coloring with white type, it is simple, direct, and easy to see where to go. The highlighting of the images also clearly marks where the visitor is looking to go.

I am all about simplicity. Don’t clutter your site with tons of banners or columns or links to other pages. You should be able to easily get places from your main page, like a central hub.

Like the picture that links to this content? Personally I think its intriguing, what in the heck are these two girls doing? Just two best friends enjoying music and sun at Coachella!