Eliza's Journey

Who would have thought that selecting a theme for a blog could be such a difficult task? At first glance, none of the dozens and dozens of selections caught my eye. I was ready to compromise for what I thought was an “okay” theme and then, I found it!

The theme I selected is called “Twilight”. This seemed to be the most fitting theme for me for several reasons. This theme is very simple, professional, yet it also has some personality. The purple color scheme catches the eye without it being too bright for the eyes. This color scheme communicates to my readers that I am a professional writer and allows there to be white space without it looking like empty space.

The layout in this theme is very simple. It only contains one column with widgets on the sidebar. Having such a simple layout design allows readers to focus on what is important, my writing. They don’t have to wonder around my blog to try to find what they are looking for but rather have easy access to it all.

Like the rest of this theme, the text style is very simple. The title an tagline are in white text which allows it to stand out from the rest of the text. The text on post is black, simple, and easy to read. To me, the simplicity of a layout is very important because I do highly believe that it is important for readers to be able to find what they are looking for. As a reader, you shouldn’t have to figure out have to navigate my blog but rather have it be a simple task to go from one blog post to the other, from on page to the other, and be able to read and add comments.

I do love the simplicity and professionalism in this theme, however, the degree of customizability is limited. It doesn’t give you as many options as other themes did. However, it does allow you to add a header image and background image and to also change the colors.

In all of this, I took into consideration two articles: Five Principles to Design By and Twenty Usability Tips for Your Blog. Both of these contain great advice for any aspiring blogger!

Although I am satisfied with my decision on this theme, it will continue to be more and more customized as the semester continues. I am excited to see what this blog looks like at the end of the course!