Customizing your blog, so easy a cat could do it.

What is a blog? Webster’s online dictionary¬†defines it as:

“A website that contains online personal reflections, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer.”

As far as personal reflections go, some people reflect in pictures or movies. As for me? My thoughts are endless lists of words.

Since a blog should be a reflection of the author, when I was looking through potential themes, I was attracted to simple designs. I want my blog to be about the words and my work. One of my favorite writers, Christopher Poindexter, keeps his blog clean and has not changed his format in years but his way with words keeps his readers coming back for more.

There are blogs I follow for the content but I prefer to access on different platforms because their layout confuses me. A good example of this is Humans of New York, a blog by Brandon Stanton. The mix of pictures and words make it hard for me to match the correct pictures with the correct words and I get lost in playing a game of match rather than getting lost in the words. I mostly access his blog on Instagram and Facebook to avoid the hassle of having to navigate through his blog.

Don’t get me wrong, pictures are nice. As my blog grows, I want to improve my Photoshop skills and start customizing my pictures so that there is uniformity to each of my posts but so there is also a visual aid to keep all of my readers interested.

The great thing about the theme I picked is that I can customize my blog in as many ways as I see fit. The theme is simple and adding other types of graphics or widgets to my page will not clash with the overall design.

I also kept in mind the platform for which I would primarily be using my blog for. This is a journalism blog, right? The font in the header reminds me of an old school news typewriter which goes along with the journalism aspect of my blog.

When I first read the module I began freaking out, convinced if I did not pick the perfect theme by blog was doomed to fail, but that’s the great thing about blogs, and life in general, you can always change your mind.