Photo provided by flickr.com

Pardon the dust!

While my site is far from completion, I have taken some steps to make the site more user friendly and fitting to who I am. As mentioned in my Biography my life has many connections to our world. While I am an avid outdoorsmen, I also enjoy and benefit from the use of technology. Finding a theme that  subtly infuses the two was a tad difficult, but not impossible.

The theme I chose was Hemingway. The modern look projects a clean futuristic look while still maintaining a natural feel. The fonts, letter spacing and colors also reminded me of what I would see if I walked around a photo gallery. Being a fan of Ansel Adams, this theme reminded me of his photography. Natural yet profound.

A color I slightly adjusted was the color of hyperlinks and when you mouse over links. The original theme color was a sea foam type green that did not mesh well with my photos or my modern theme. I decided to go more with a more evergreen/forest green. Not only is this my favorite color but it also helped bridge the gap between modern and natural.

Another reason I chose this theme was because of the large header. I wanted one of my photos to pop out at the visitor right away. Many of the other themes didn’t seem to showcase a header as large as this. I also really like the placement of the website title and description. Sitting within the header, it connects the site with my photo.

As a whole this theme just spoke to me. I like the clean design, contrasting colors and simple font. My ultimate goal is to have the content speak for the site but have the theme subconsciously speak to my visitors. I hope you all enjoy my site and if you have any comments or concerns please let me know!