I believe that clean, relatively plain blog themes look the most professional.  There is some room for creativity, but I think that blogs, for the most part, should be easy-to-read, easy-to-navigate and simple.  The article ‘Selecting the Perfect Theme for WordPress‘ at wpbeginners.com says that simpler themes are better because they’re easier to customize and are compatible with most browsers.  I agree.

After previewing what seemed lisimpleke millions of themes, both simple and not, I selected ArtFull, because it seemed modern and straightforward, like how I want my blog to be.  However, after trying to customize it so that it showed my most recent posts (or any post at all) instead of a big blank space in the center of the screen and failing, I decided to move on.  I had to say goodbye to the international ticking clocks of ArtFull.  Maybe somebody else in the class will have more success with it, and I will be able to live vicariously through them.

I ultimately chose “Cutline,” a simple, neat theme that has the modernity of ArtFull but the functionality I was looking for.  There is plenty of white space, which I’m sure I could change to purple or green space if I so chose, because Cutline’s customization options seem more numerous than ArtFull’s.  There is a space to display my most recent posts, so visitors to my blog can easily see what I’ve been up to.  There is a column on the right that organizes all of my content.  The links for my pages would run neatly across the top of the blog if I had more than two…

I can add images to my header and my background, I can change the colors of my clickable links, I can do just about anything with my Cutline blog!  It feels great to be free from the oppressive grip of ArtFull’s confusing and strict customization requirements, although I have not fully delved into just how much customization I can really accomplish.  I need to come up with some sort of vision for my blog, so that all of the customizable aspects of Cutline don’t get me carried away.

For me, the best blogs are simple (and lots of sites tend to agree with me!).  The color scheme is not as important as the accessibility of the blog, especially for someone like me who has a hard time navigating through Facebook, a site I have been using for five years.  When I begin using a new site, it is imperative that it is easy for me to understand, and I think that Cutline is the perfect theme for someone of my limited (but eager-to-improve) technological savvy.)