Outdoors from the Sky


There are many reasons that I chose to make the background of my website an outdoor theme. I think that the overall mood that this theme creates is a feeling of calmness and relaxation. I wanted to have my blog feel like a peaceful place because I do not wish to have harsh words or posts or comments on it and I want readers to get the feeling that they are in a place where they are free to comment how they wish without any recourse.

Overall, I think that my blog has an open and airy feel to it. I decided to keep it this way in order to stick with the relaxed theme. There is not a lot of text due to the fact that I simply did excerpts instead of letting the whole posts show on the main page. Because I only have excerpts, the images from the articles are not shown. This allows the reader to not be overwhelmed by a bunch of images and a lot of text when they come to my site. I dislike when I go to a site and have multiple images and a lot of text staring me in the face, therefore I did not want to do the same to my readers.

I used blue and black as a color scheme. I used these colors mainly because they went well with my theme and also because when I see blue I think of water. I think that it helps to continue to portray the whole outdoor feel of my website.

I only have two columns currently on my site and I hope to keep it that way. It allows for the site to continue to have the open and airy feel that I mentioned above and it helps me to stay organized within my own website.

I do not feel that I have too much text on my site; I specifically chose to do this because I do not want to overwhelm people with text when they come to my website. I think that they type size is perfect because it is not too large to where it draws your eyes straight there, but it is not too small to where you cannot read it if you wished to. The one part of my site that has large type is the title of my blog. I like that the theme is set this way because I want readers to be drawn to the name of my site so that they remember it, not away from the name to where they couldn’t tell which site they visited the next day.

My theme is not extremely customizable. I am able to do things such as decide if I want the whole post to show or just an excerpt that allows you to click to read more and what colors I wish to have for the backgrounds of the articles. I can place images wherever I would like to when it comes to the posts, however if I want images next to my posts on the main page I would have to make it so the entire post is shown. I would prefer to be able to have one large image that draws your eye in and then multiple smaller images like Huffington Post or The Review Journal but with this theme I am unable to do so. I did not want to have readers scroll through the entire post to get to the next one so I decided that having the images was not that necessary.