Minimalism #04 in Blue

I prefer clean and minimalistic aesthetics, especially when web design is involved. I value readers’ attention, and that is why I have chosen a very straightforward, crisp and clear blog layout. Readers’ eyes should scan the page in a very specific way, rather than being distracted by competing visual elements. When I have something important to say, I do not want to overwhelm and distract readers with heavy blocks of text, competing fonts and colors, and other visual discordance. The colors of my blog are bright and maintain a feeling of crispness–the gold accents remind me of sunshine (hooray) and light, giving the site an uplifting and energetic vibe. Brightness is important so that readers can easily see the blog content, and also so that the tone of the site remains carefree and easy to read. I fear that dark colors and patterns have a heavy feeling which might tire the eyes or exhaust the reader.

The fonts provided by this blog theme are classic and easy to read, but they are slightly different than a standard Times New Roman. The main body and header font appears softer and is therefore more approachable to readers. I enjoy the enlarged headers because they clearly define each blog post.

The overall page sports two columns: one with the posts, and the other with navigational menus including recent posts, archives, and comments. I have disabled the search bar for now because I do not have enough content to justify filling space with an unnecessary and visually distracting search bar widget. Every link and visual element on my site must have a function, and they don’t, I will not include the widget or text on the page. I am able to include photos within posts and pages, as well as within the blog title space. Unfortunately, most of this template is not customizable. Elements such as logo and social media icons are adjustable and can be easily included, but I would like to produce more content before featuring links to outside material.

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