It was a challenge to design my blog and at this point I am still not happy with it.  Going through this process brought me back to the Myspace days. Back then my Myspace design was something  I took seriously. I plan on spending more time trying out designs and color schemes until I find something that is more representative  of me.

As of now the black and white color palate creates a serious mood on the page. I would like to find a way of keeping iphoto-1 copyt b&w, but making it more lighthearted. I am hoping I will be able to do so by the images I decide to add to my posts.

The reason I picked the Hemingway theme is because it felt balanced and easy to navigate and there is a good amount of white space. I personally prefer a lot of room, it makes the text easier to read without distractions.

I chose a one-column display for now. This could be something I would want to change in the future, but for now since we have only made a few posts there is not enough information to justify using more than one column.

The text style is large and legible.  Font style should be as basic as possible to make posts easy to read.

The header image I am using is a painting of mine that is a work-in-progress. The actual painting is color but it is too distracting as a header. It also looks a little pixelated so I would like to smooth that out somehow.  Please give me any tips  on what you think would make this look better.