bestblogboxFrom the dozens of themes available, I finally decided on the perfect one. I thought this theme was the most fitting for my artistic style because it is based around a notebook. Specifically in my about me, I have mentioned that writing is my passion whether its just thoughts or solid works. This theme fits that specific idea. The type along the columnsĀ is handwritten as if it were my personal notebook.


Now to the basic analyzation on the design.

White Space:

There is minimal white space available, but the page doesn’t look crowded. Every widget has its own space and particular area that is fits. White space of course is very important because it helps organize information and is visually appealing.


My tone and mood are very upbeat and easy going. I believe that my blog should be a direct reflection of me. Personally, I don’t stress over many things and go with the flow. The way this theme moves matches that idea completely.

Color Scheme:

My color scheme is based on my favorite colors including the warmest of the spectrum. I want to portray a welcoming vibe while still embracing the fact that I am a girl. As a writer it is important to embrace my identity especially after so many years of writers having to hide behind pseudonyms.

Number of Columns:

My blog style supports three column styles. It’s fit to a notebook style layout with the majority of the information on the left side. Meaning it reads like a book.

Type Style:

The type with the theme ranges from messy and large( imitating the personal handwriting idea) to small precise letters. To me, the messy writing shows how writers communicate and organize their thoughts. The more structured type has a sense of importance and the guides the reader to what they should be paying attention to.


Although this theme looks great, there is limited customizability. I can only change the background and add widgets, banners, and menus. I cannot change colors or type which makes it difficult to find a background image that allows the type to be clear. I can add widgets to columns but cannot move all of these around. The spacing on the page if fixed.

Image Placement:

I can place background images, images on pages and posts and images in social media widgets. The theme, sadly did not come with options for background images to swap through.

Despite how fitting I think the notebook style of this layout is, I have to sacrifice endless customization possibilities. And although it seems more difficult, Word Press does allow for me to build my own design from scratch. There are tons of options for how to personalize the entire blog. Other options that are less difficult though include downloadable pre made themes from other sites. With these resources, the blog possibilities are endless.