blog design As I continue to learn to navigate in the blog world it is now time to start customizing my blog to express my personality. Deciding on a theme was a hard choice.

With over 200 themes it was hard to chose one that conveyed the feeling I want for my blog. I wanted the theme to be clean and simple. Not everyone is computer savvy, so I wanted the theme to be easy to navigate. 10 Essential Blog Design Elements says to make it easy for visitors to find your content.

I ended up choosing the Coraline theme. The overall design of the theme communicates a feeling of simplicity to me. The theme is open and airy with minimum amount of color. The text is easy to read, which is important in Top 1o Web Design Mistakes author Jakob Nielsen says that readers complain about bad fonts the most.

With any blog people want to be able to customize their blog to fit their personality and the theme I chose can be customized. I decided to change the header to a photo of the sunrise. As the saying goes the early bird gets the worm.  I didn’t want to change the background because I didn’t want the page to be too distracting. I also have the option of changing the color of the background and text if I wanted to. The theme also has the capability of having three columns and an area to place widgets on the side and as a footer on the page.

Overall I think I have a good start to my blog. I do know that I still have a ways to go in terms of it’s design. As the class continues I know that there will be more things I will learn to make my blog be a reflection of me and the message I want to convey.