A legendary icon, the Gibson Les Paul; an inspiration for me as a musician

A legendary icon, the Gibson Les Paul

It’s always a good time for a change right?

The new theme “Lightword” on my blog not only is a drastic change from the “stock” theme but also better reflects my musical style to an extent.I did my best to follow the blog post “Twenty Usability Tips for Your Blog”, by Tom Johnson.  As you can see, its very dark in tone and color and uses a very simple, 2 column style. Plenty of grey, silver and black tones (you should see my closet!) The text obviously sits on a white background for easy reading and legibility. Although the colors are on the dark end of the spectrum, I don’t think it conveys a dark mood but rather offers a sharp, modern design. As I stated, he only while space is where most of the text resides, and surrounded by the mostly black background gives it a confined, focused appearance. I stuck with a small but legible text style, once again in keeping with the modern style.

Customization is a big part of expressing yourself in the digital realm and what really makes having a presence online fun! WordPress does an awesome job of providing some great, customizable and user-ready themes. The Lightword theme offers the perfect balance between customization and presets. Being able to insert a photo of an iconic electric guitar adds a strong symbol for who I am as an individual. Music is a huge part of my life and having the Les Paul as the background not only adds a unique and cool touch to my blog but shows off my love of guitar and music. I can also add images inside of my blog posts but I can’t manipulate many colors on the theme but I can add a banner photo at the top, however the background takes care of that.

Please let me know what you think of the theme and if there is anything that might improve the overall accessibility of the site!