BeYourself.MundoI’m pretty sure I previewed every theme that was offered in order to find the one that caught my eye the most. Sometimes blog sites offer customizable themes that look unoriginal. I wanted a theme that said something about my style and a theme that did not look cluttered and unattractive to the average user. Some blogs can get too customizable and the average user can find it difficult to navigate. As a person who loves to keep things simple and to the point, I decided to design my blog exactly that way. I felt the best theme to satisfy what I wanted was a theme called “twenty eleven.”

The theme looks pretty plain at first, but with the banner I created and the colors I chose, it creates a simple and sophisticated, yet girly look. The colors I chose for my blog are black, pink, white and a hint of grey. I love these colors together because they are not too feminine and not too masculine. I did not want my blog to be too feminine or too masculine because I want to attract both genders to my blog.

I created my own banner because I could not find a picture that I liked that fit my blog site. At the moment, I am really into damask prints. I wanted the banner to be a little more feminine, so I mixed in a polka dot print with the damask print. I also added the name of my blog, “Mariah’s Moments” and my tagline, “Let what you love be what you do.” My tagline is perfect for my blog because it shows that I love what I am doing.

I love all the white space that my blog has because it looks clean, organized and uncluttered. My blog has two columns. The first column contains my most recent blog post, Traditional Journalists Versus Web 2.0 and the second column contains a search bar, my recent posts links, my recent comments, archives, categories, my twitter feed and META.

Another aspect I enjoy about this theme is the amount of customizability I have. I can change the background to any color or image, change the color of links and I can change the banner of each page so each page has its unique banner. I like that my headline fonts of my blog posts are big and bold so the posts stand out the reader.

Overall, I am enjoying customizing my blog and look forward to making more customizations throughout the next few weeks.