640px-ErnestHemingwayLooking through the abundance of themes in WordPress’ broad catalogue of blogging skins was a bit like shopping at Forever 21. There’s way too much to choose from and even though I want the flashy item, engrossed in bells and whistles, I end up picking the simple statement piece, the one that never goes out of style.

My chosen theme is no different. The “Hemingway” theme I am now using is not unlike the author himself, bold and yet congruently understated. “Hemingway” draws attention to the the site’s most important element: the text. The home page features the blog’s most distinctive look. The header image is a black and white photograph of an old fashioned Underwood typewriter offset my by site title and tagline.

I went with a black, white and grey color scheme to keep with my overall simple aesthetic. I purposely stayed away from punchy colors in order to present a tone of slightly serious juxtaposed the amusing headlines of my posts. I want my readers to know that this is a blog about journalism from a journalism student’s perspective and although I want to entertain, my goal is to inform first. I also chose to incorporate two columns, one a chronological listing of my posts and the other a listing of my widgets. I like this organization because everything is readily available for my readers, they can either scroll through my posts and read them one by one or they can search by tag, category or date from my widgets column.

Some might say that there is too much “white space” covering my site, however, I like to create a focal point for my articles and incorporating “white space” does just that. It adds a sense of openness to my site, keeping it  free of clutter like excessive links or postings. Following this sentiment, my choice of font is bold, easy-to-read and again, simple. This allows my headlines to pop out at my readers, drawing them into my posts the same way a newspaper would.

Perhaps the best part about the “Hemingway” theme is how customizable the skin is. I can change quite a bit in order to feel comfortable and happy with the blog site I am producing. I feel now that my blog has a classic look and my articles are showcased beautifully.