Hemingway Theme

Deciding on a theme was one of the most difficult decisions I had to make today. While scrolling through the nearly 200 themes, none of them seemed to capture my attention. I was looking for something professional, simple and elegant – is that so hard to find? I clicked many and watched as they transformed my blog from one piece of shit to another. Meh. I finally came across two that looked visually pleasing and professional. After much deliberation, I decided on Hemingway for it’s simplicity and soundness.

From the bottom, the theme has three columns. The first containing the search forum, recent posts, recent comments, archives, categories and META. The second contains the latest posts and the third harbors the text widget. Moving up the page, there is a vast majority of white space surrounding my most recent post,¬†Modern Journalism: The Digital Age. I like the whiteness, it is very clean and straightforward. I didn’t add a background color for a reason and I like how the black and sometimes tan text illuminates off the white. The middle of my blog contains two columns I believe, one showcasing my story on the left, and then a sidebar with the search engine, latest posts and text widget on the right. Once you reach the top of my blog, you notice a picture of the Pacific ocean with a little seagull underneath my name and quote square. Choosing a picture was the second hardest decision to make, I literally went through all of my photos to find one that fit. The ocean is so calm and peaceful, and I feel like it meshes well with my page.

I chose this theme and headline image because it radiates a professional and simplistic feel, portraying a mood that will soothe readers while they explore my vibrant writing. I like the black, white, blue, grey and tan tones because, again, they have a calming feel and I like them. I also enjoy the various font styles. The larger fonts give off the important information, like the headlines, titles, etc., while the smaller fonts are sophisticated and professional. I don’t like fonts¬†that are too blocky or chunky. Again the style of writing matches with the professionalism of the theme, it fits, it matches and it’s easy to read.

Another reason I chose this theme was because it was easy to customize. Like Tumblr, I found myself easily entertained by customizing my blog – the colors and images – but I also liked the fact that that was all I had to do. I didn’t have to change the format or the alignments, it’s easy and stress free! The image placement is the best because it gives you room for personalization. The image is on the top of the screen and always accessible when the viewer is visiting your blog. It gives a little personality and basically sets the mood of your blog.

As a amateur blogger, the whole blogging process is definitely getting easier and more enjoyable as time goes on!