Some time ago when attending a dinner party or social gathering and when asked what your profession was, the word journalist meant simply that you were a writer.

The next question probably began with something along the lines of, “TV or Print…newspaper or magazine?”

We’ll these days we all know that with time comes change. Although many people will try to avoid it as much as possible, change is inevitable. As people grow and evolve mentally, they begin to change the way they receive information and process that information.

So if people are receiving and processing information differently, naturally journalist must find a way to reach them on the same playing field.

The web has introduced a whole new lifestyle to the world. People are able to see things they couldn’t before and experience things that they wouldn’t have known existed.

Social media and blogging is a way to have an online presence. The beauty of being able to reach reach people and to know whether or not you are actually doing your job effectively.

When a journalist was just a columnist or print writer, how often do you think they received feedback form their audience? Not often, I think the modern journalist must be quick on your feet and always expect the unexpected.

I think it may something to do with the fear of not being able to sheltered from the world. The web leaves little to filter. People have direct access to contact you and tell you what they think.

Sometimes it is easier to tell someone what you think when you are hiding being a newspaper. The idea that blogging gives your reader a chance to say what they think might be a little intimidating for the traditional journalist. Here are a few tips on how to be a better blogger.

Writing for the web can be tricky. Tricky, but can be learned and perfected. Let’s face it, people want more information in less words. So it will take practice to get your point across, but imagine the possibilities. How many more people can you reach with this strategy. Overall  The web has made us better more efficient writers and its time for us to adhere to the change.