I remember going upstairs to the Greenspun College of Urban Affairs ¬†advising center to get some guidance on what classes I would need for the next semester of my college career. The advisor was going over my degree sheet, to show what courses I would need to take, when I noticed something that didn’t seem right. I asked her about it and she apologized saying that what she was telling me was applicable to the last catalog year’s degree sheet. She then explained to me that the Journalism and Media Studies major is the most constant changing one in the college because the field is constantly changing. It then dawned on me that the way I was learning this study in college may not even be the way I’d be doing it 10 years from now. I also thought about my predecessors, or the veteran journalists. Are they editing video the same or using the same newsroom systems that they learned when they were broadcast journalism majors?

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After thinking about it and doing a little research, the answer to my questions was no, but I also learned something else. That to be in any field of study from medicine to cosmetology you have to keep up with the times in order to still be a valuable asset to your customer or consumer. Doctors in the late 1800s or early 1900s didn’t clean instruments when operating on one patient to another. Hair stylists were eager to give women perms in the 80s. However when it was discovered that these things were wrong and not what people needed these professionals had to stop doing them or find another career path. The same goes for the modern journalist, we have to change with the times whether we like it or not. It might not be something that all of us want to do but we have to remember what our job is: to inform our readers, listeners and/or viewers. If they are no longer getting news from newspapers then we have to give it to them using a medium that they are consuming. Though adapting might be a challenge and some extra work, if we are passionate enough about our profession it will be a challenge we are up for and willing to pursue.

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