Web 2.0 changes the journalism industry

Web 2.0 changes the journalism industry

As a fan of reading blog posts and using social media sites, it is frustrating to see that some print-media journalists have not figured out how important the use of social media and blogging is. In today’s day and age, a journalist’s following on the Internet can even show a reader how credible and reliable they are. Therefore, being connected to the online world is a huge part in becoming a successful journalist.

Journalists should know the basics of using the Internet, social media sites and blogging sites. In Martin Smith’s article, “The Future of News & Journalism: The Dying Newsprint & Rise of Online Media,” Smith argues that the Internet is the preferred medium for obtaining news. Since the majority of people prefer reading the news online, journalists have to constantly be adapting to new social media sites and blogging sites. Smith says that this is a new age of tech-savvy journalists.

In the article “Becoming a Journalist in the Digital Age,” the article talks about the way journalism is changing, however, since the journalism industry is changing, journalists need to change as well. Being a good writer is not enough in the journalism industry anymore, a journalist must be “multi-skilled.” I know using the Internet, social media and blogging is not for everyone, but to be a journalist, we have to stay up to date with the latest technology and popular social media sites. If a journalist does not stay up to date, they will end up missing a huge audience, especially since most major print newspapers and magazines offer not only a print version, but an online version as well.

Ultimately, I feel like using social media sites and blogging sites can affect how successful a journalist is these days. Using social media sites and blogging sites can create more awareness and buzz about a journalist’s  stories. However, it is up to the journalist to decide whether or not they want use social media and blogging to their advantage.

Technology is advancing faster than ever, therefore, it is crucial for journalist’s to know how to use social media sites, blogging sites and know the online world in general.