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In an age where technology has become so advanced, it is hard to tell journalists that they should not learn how to blog. If a journalist wants to keep their job, I think that it is best that they should at least have a basic knowledge of how to be a journalist in the digital world.

In the article, Can Bloggers Replace Professional Journalists it says that most blogs do not produce news so blogs cannot take the place of newspapers or news websites. This is an advantage for journalists because if they learn the basics of producing online media then they are taking the place of bloggers instead of bloggers taking the place of them.

A great example that journalists who have a basic knowledge of online media have an advantage over regular bloggers comes from an article titled It’s Hard Out There for a 21st-Century Future Journalist of Tomorrow. This journalist learned how to make the transition from writing just for print to filming, producing, promoting and editing his own online content. This is proof that journalists can learn to do basic things online in order to keep their jobs and still have fun while doing it. Renay San Miguel took his Flipcam and recorded his own interviews and stories and found himself speaking with the executive producer of She said that while they are looking for someone who is not “tech-phobic” they are not looking for someone who is unable to pick up new technology.

In this case, if a journalist would like to get a job at some news organization now-a-days they would need to at least be willing to learn to work with technology. Throughout the rest of Miguel’s article, he looks at a few different job options out there currently for journalists. All of the job postings that Miguel shares request some sort of knowledge of technology.

With how fast technology is advancing and how many people are switching to getting their news content online, it would be crazy to tell a journalist that they should not at least learn the basics of creating online content for news websites.