Last Friday the biggest move so far in the NBA happened when Dwight Howard announced via Twitter that he was going to be signing with the Houston Rockets. Howard joins a team that last season added stars Jeremy Lin and James Hardin. Howard has told various sources that his reasoning for joining the rockets is because he wants to win a championship and believes Houston is the best place to accomplish that goal.

If that were true though, why would he stay in L.A. with the Lakers? They have a team that is stacked with talent. While it may be aging talent with all-stars like Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash only having a few years of shelf life left, they are still a team that can make some noise in the playoffs with or with out Howard. That with the fact that the Lakers have won five championships since the Rockets won their last and there is no one on the staff of the Rockets, except for coach Kevin McHale when he was a player that has any championship experience.


While the Rockets do have some star players on the roster, they seem to be built for the regular season, much like the Clippers. While Howard is one of the best centers in the game today, you cannot rely on him in the fourth quarter due to the fact that he can’t consistently hit a foul shot. Also, the teams other star, James Hardin, disappeared the last time he was in a championship series.


So did Howard leave the Lakers to try and get a championship, or did he just say that because it was what people wanted to hear, and in reality he just couldn’t deal with the pressure that goes along with playing in Los Angeles. While at this point he does have a reputation for saying whatever he thinks people want to hear, only time will tell.