A Boeing 777 crashed during landing at the San Francisco International Airport yesterday.

Two fatalities have been confirmed out of the 307 passengers on the plane.

The flight was originating from Shanghai, China.

CSN Graduate, Kristine Swanson, says San Francisco is her hometown and it’s tragic what happened.

“It’s such a devastating accident. I am deathly afraid of planes- and this just confirms my fears.” Swanson said, “I don’t the details, I do know that a lot of the passengers were injured and apparently the plane was landing tilted.”

The crash has been said to be the first commercial plane crash  in the United States since November 2001 where the AA Flight 587 crashed into Belle Harbor in New York City.

An eye witness has reported that the plane was landing with the tail too low and at what she described as a 45 degree angle.

All departing flights at the San Francisco International Airport had been cancelled and the airport was closed for several hours, all flights had to be averted to Los Angeles International Airport and Oakland Airport.

UNLV student, Willem Thompson, says he got the news through Twitter.

“I was looking through my feed and once I saw that there had been a plane crash I googled to find at more information.” Thompson said,”I recently saw the photos, which is terrifying, I’m just trying to staying updated until police find out what the cause of it was.”

Thompson added that what could have been ordinary day for passengers, took an unfortunate turn.

“It’s so sad. These passengers woke up, boarded the flight and thought they were going to land in San Francisco and start their day. Nobody ever thinks they will be a victim-we see remakes in the movies but the fear they felt must have been incommunicable.”

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