Photo by Alan Jones

Photo by Alan Jones

Media can either be your best friend, or your worst enemy.  Last week, I was able to successfully utilize the media for my own benefit.

I had a huge issue with a local company (all I will say is that this business provides internet and television services).  For nearly a year, I was paying for services that I wasn’t receiving.  I contacted this company to explain what was happening and to ask them how we could fix my situation.  After spending hours on the phone with their customer service department, retention department, and every manager I could get in contact with, they offered me a $30.00 credit.  This was borderline insulting to me, seeing as that is less than one third of my monthly payment that I had been paying for nearly one year.

I was furious, and more importantly, this company was being completely unfair.  I did a bit of research online, an was able to contact 8 On Your Side.  I explained my situation to them over their answering service, and to my surprise, they called me back a few days later!  While they were unable to promise me that they would do a story about my specific problem, they did say that they would contact the business that had wronged me.

The next day, the problematic company contacted me, informed me that 8 On Your Side had called them, and asked me how they could make things right.  Furthermore, they researched my case, and agreed that my situation was completely unfair.  We found an agreement between us that we all thought was acceptable.

It is important to remember that the media is actually an extremely resourceful tool that everyone in the general public has access to. Had I not contacted the media, my case would have gone unsolved.  This is definitely a tool that I am going to remember in the future!

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