Aliens, commonly known as little green men from outer space. There has been speculation for decades regarding their existence or not and that debate still exists today. Those who are anti the belief would say that there is no proof, and those in opposition may state there is proof and even if there isn’t any that isn’t a good enough reason to assume they don’t exist, maybe we just haven’t encountered them yet.

This past 4th of July marked the 66th anniversary of the Roswell incident. The incident in question is a supposed UFO crash.  There has never been any clear story with what exactly crashed that day that is why speculation has soared through the years and given Roswell the title of UFO capital of the world. It is said that the military shot down the air craft and promptly took the aliens on board to Area 51. The government has often stated it was a military testing jet, or even a weather balloon. But neither of these answers satisfy the alien fanatics.


Area 51 is another mystery in itself, often linked to the alien phenomena this government owned airbase has time and time again denied any relation to alien activity occurring. This denial has not stopped any conspiracies continually spiraling about the connection to aliens. A man who helped give notoriety to Area 51 is Robert Lazar, who claimed that the air base was holding multiple alien spaceships in Area 51, and it was his job to use reverse technology to understand the ships, so then the government could use them on their own machinery. He also stated to have discovered “Element 115” that powered the alien ships.  For the many that believe Lazar to have been lying, there are many who believe his story to be absolute. However, it can be said since his appearance on television it inserted Area 51 into mainstream culture. (You can listen to more information regarding Area 51 in the podcast at the bottom of this blog post).

Regardless of their existence or not aliens have impacted common culture, and play main roles in my movies and books. You never know maybe one day we will learn the truth about what is out there in space, and being kept hidden at Area 51. Are you a believer? Let me know in the comment section.