For those of us who have lived in the city of Las Vegas for more than 10 years, we remember how much fun it was to hop in the car on a summer day and head down to Wet ’n’ Wild to cool off from the unbarring heat. Then that dreaded day came in 2004 in which it closed and countless people across the Las Vegas Valley had to find alternative way to cool down during the extremely hot summer months.

For years Las Vegan’s have been subject to finding other ways to cool down during the summer. Whether it is going to a casino pool and having to spend the day with drunk tourists, raising your electricity bill by staying indoors with the air conditioning blasting, or even stooping as low as having to sit under the sprinklers in the front yard, and yes I am a victim of this one.


That has all changed because a new Wet ‘n’ Wild theme park has opened up and it looks to be better than ever. Costing over $50 million to make, it brings with it attractions staples that old school fans will remember, like the lazy river, newer versions of old favorites, like the royal flush extreme, and all new rides for the next generation of waterpark lovers, like North Americas first Rattler slide, a three person slide which takes the riders through a barrages of twists and turns and literally “rattles” by shaking the slide as the participants progress through it.


There is truly something for everyone at the new Wet ‘n’ Wild. Being set on a 45 acre plot of land located near the I-215 and Sunset Road. The park consists of 25 rides and attractions. This is a place where the entire family will be able to spend there summer.


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