Photo by Ryan Hyde

Photo by Ryan Hyde

I will never forget the shock I felt when I first moved to Las Vegas from the San Francisco Bay Area.  It was April, and when I got off the plane, and I felt like I got punched in the face with a curtain of heat.  My heart started racing, my nose burned, and my lungs yearned for some sort of familiar humidity.  I remember thinking,”I could NEVER live in this heat”.  Four years later, I’m still living in Las Vegas and I’m starting to adapt to the heat.  I’m starting to learn some tips and tricks to deal with the soaring temperatures while still doing the things I love.

Vegas is notoriously hot- we are in the middle of the desert!  The past few days, however, have tied with record high temperatures.  Last Sunday, the McCarren International Airport recorded a recorded an all-time record high tie of 117 degrees.  There’s no way around it- it’s scorching hot, but that doesn’t mean that life has to stop and that we have to shield ourselves from the daylight like vampires.

I have made a board on Pinterest that lists a few tips that have helped me deal with this sweltering heat.  First and foremost, it is imperative to stay hydrated.  Water is the best option to drink in order to stay hydrated without an unwanted sugar crash, but what happens if you get sick of water?  I have found that if you slice up some fruit and mix it in with your ice water, it creates a cool spa-like refreshment.  If that’s not enough flavor for you, you can try steeping fruit in your water with an aqua zinger.  I also love making carbonated water on my Soda Stream.  Sometimes I mix a little lemon or lime juice in with the fizzy water and I have yet another delicious option of hydration.

Being an animal lover, I also think that it is very important to be aware of how to keep your pets safe.  I was walking my dog at Lake Las Vegas yesterday, and she found a patch of shade and put on the brakes.  She was trying to tell me that it was too hot for her to walk.  I instantly swooped her up and carried her back to air conditioning.  Her poor little paws were super hot, and she was panting like crazy.  You see, dogs and cats can’t sweat.  The only ways that they can dispel heat is by panting.  I know that my dog, being a pug mix, is extremely at risk for heat stroke because she is a short-nose breed.  After I got her into AC, I made sure that her water was chilled and gave her an ice cube to lick.  If you are still awake around midnight like I usually am, that is the best time to walk your dogs.

Heat is more than just an uncomfortable inconvenience, it is a health risk as well.  If you make sure to avoid from heat exhaustion though, there are ways to keep up an active lifestyle.