Ok Pinterest may be my newest addiction. The boards, the boards! When I first logged in the system said choose 5 boards to get started and before I knew it I had triple that amount. Then I followed my friends from Facebook, Yahoo etc and viola! M y ADHD has been fed.

My boards and the boards I follow surround public relations, architecture, fashion and art. Mainly things that make me happy, inspired, or inform me. Scroll down the right side of the page and you will even see infographs, crazy shoes, books that are interest etc.

I have found so many great things to look at and be inspired by. I am working on a concept for a shoe blog. Looking at all the fashion items on Pinterest was like having photo conversation with others who love the same things I’m interested in. However it’s a much more organized way than my push pin boards I have at home. Lord knows I’m trying to declutter my life.

On the flip side there were a few negatives. As with any social media networking sites you have to be connected. Trying to connect to them individually is not only a pain but can lead to a waste of time. Collecting and organizing things I love is great but I’m not quite sure what makes this different from Instagram. We follow, we share, and comment. What else can we do…what makes it better?  I can’t use this platform on my blackberry on my phone.  Okay that may have more to do with me than them but still it would be nice if there was “an app for that!”

Then my business hat turned on and I started thinking “who’s using this?” According to Converse Digital the ladies love Pinterest. An overwhelming 70% of users are women who want to share things. Go figure…

Male or female, what do you share on Pinterest?