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As Las Vegas is settling into its deeper summer months, one cannot forget one of the best and most enjoyable summer activities – swimming! Las Vegas is known for its partying and this certainly does not exclude the daytime, even with the summer heat. The city is full of fun dayclubs and pool parties. The city evenĀ  includes the simple satisfaction of sitting in your neighborhood pool. What does make the heat bearable, however, are the glamorous pools and pool parties the city has to offer. What makes it even better is the fact that you can arrive to these in style.

Whether or not you’re getting wet, you can still be creative with what you wear and take it to the pool. You do not necessarily need a two-piece bathing suit to look sexy. You can certainly add on little things, or change up your bathing suit to turn heads.

One big thing for this summer are bandeaus. These bathing suits are usually two pieces with a top that is not the normal bikini-style. Another thing to add onto your sexy bathing suit is a body chain. These are basically necklaces for the body. These body chains range from simple necklaces, to your entire body, or just your belly. They serve as a simple yet elegant accessory.

Another thing that makes a huge different to your outfit are additional accessories. A popular choice amongst women that is both fashionable and useful is a big women’s gardening hat. These hats create a classy stylish look while completely shielding you from the sun.

Swimsuit coverups can also be worn to have those people double-take as you walk in. Wearing a sheer cover up dress/bottom creates a sexy tease, as people are able to see your bathing suit. However, it still covers you from the sun and creates a very stylish look if worn correctly.

One more thing: one-piece bathing suits are not out of style! Many people get the misconception that one-piece bathing suits are for old people, for little kids, are just aren’t sexy. However, there are definitely many types of different bathing suits that fit different types of people, and one-piece bathing suits are included for those who want to look gorgeous. There are one-pieces that have the back exposed, have some sheer material inbetween the belly, or just a beautiful design. One-piece bathing suits are underrated for the summer, but can still most certainly have people looking at you in awe.