Las Vegas may be an iconic vacation destination, so for those of us that live there we might as well take advantage of what the town has to offer. This means the variety of dining available on and off the strip. This blog post is my recommendation of food places in different price ranges dependent on your budget. I rank them in no particular order.

– Holsteins at the Cosmopolitan


This place is a little piece of burger heaven. They have amazing flavored milkshakes which you can even get spiked with alcohol if you are over the age of 21. This place isn’t your typical burger joint which means it isn’t typical burger joint prices. However, the trip is definitely worth the money and you will leave feeling satisfied.

-Peppermill restaurant & Fireside Lounge

This place is perfect because it is open 24/7, so it can satisfy any of your late night cravings.  A unique location south of the strip it has been a Vegas classic for decades. I personally adore the neon interior; it has a very retro feel. The food isn’t outstanding, but it also isn’t bad. I would go for the experience; also the price is relatively good for the strip.

-The Cracked Egg

cracked egg

This wouldn’t be a real foodie list without the addition of a breakfast place. After all there is only so much one can do with eggs, but what the cracked egg advertises it does well at. I give them extra snaps for their delicious coffee cake served with almost every meal. If you’re going to go on a weekend morning be prepared to wait! This place is always packed but the friendly service will see to you as soon as they can.

Vitner Grill

This is a restaurant with a location both in Summerlin, and on the strip in the Fashion Show mall. The restaurant is modernly designed to enhance your eating experience. The menu changes daily, which I love, It shows that they really put thought into their menu, and all the food is fresh every day. I like the fact every time I go there is something new to choose. Try and sit on the patio if you can!


Let me know what your restaurant recommendations are, I’m always looking for new places to explore.  Here is a link to the pin board I used as inspiration for this blog post.