Winter is over, summer is here. That means it’s out with the coats and in with the suits, bathing suits that is.

After new years, majority of people make the resolution to “hit the gym” and get fit, so when January 1st rolls along, the gym is packed with these resolution makers.

Fast forward a couple months later, it’s already April, these resolution makers have failed so they create a summer resolution for getting the perfect “beach body.”

Dieting isn’t the key, lifestyle change is. People have the notion that entering the gym and working out aggressively for two hours will help them lose weight, yet they fail to see results.

I met up with power lifter, Raffi Arman, to get some tips on fitness and health.

“Abs are made in the kitchen.It’s as simple as that.” Arman said.

Arman explained that 80% of what you eat is what matters and 20% is the fitness involved.

“If you want to see change, cut out bad foods, eat frequently but in moderation. For instance, every morning I wake up, I will have oatmeal with fruit or a protein smoothie.”

He added that he always keeps snacks on him throughout the day, that way he wont over eat when he gets home.

“I’ll take a bag of carrots, or fruits, a couple almonds. It just depends, the crockpot is my best friend, when I get home I don’t need to worry about anything.”

I asked Arman to give me one of his favorite crockpot dishes and he said it was his shredded chicken.

“I just thrown in some chicken breasts, tomato sauce, jalapenos, a little water, garlic, onion, paprika, cilantro and some chipotle and it’s ready to go.” he said.

Arman recommends, to have 1 to 2 cheat meals a week if your just starting out, because if you completely block out your favorite meals you might be prone to give up.

He added that there are many great healthy recipes available on the web, but he prefers to come up with his own concoctions!

“People need to get rid of the excuses they set for themselves, like my favorite saying goes, ‘you need to rise, pick up your bed and walk.’ life is too short to neglect yourself.” Arman said.