Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Myspace. We have all heard of it and each one has their own unique quality. For instance, as stated in previous posts, Facebook and Twitter are excellent for journalists. Twitter allows for quick and concise news updates. Facebook allows for more detail and Instagram is great for those photojournalists out there. Myspace is a decaying social medium, so we can skip that.

There’s a new app on the market and that app goes by the name of “Vine.” Vine is a great way to make entertaining videos. By just exploring the videos other people make, it allows one to see their creative process; however, being on Vine, that’s all I have seen, is just funny videos but as journalists we should start a new trend and not only use Vine for humor but for news.

It would be great if journalists had Vine, that way they could give quick video updates along with their tweets or statuses. This is a creative way to incorporate news into something that is growing rapidly amongst people.

Instagram has even jumped on the Vine train and made it possible to upload videos whereas before, users could only upload photos-but nothing beats Vine when it comes to videos.

Making the videos is quite simple too, after signing up a user can add cool effects to their video by pausing in between and re-recording whenever they’d like.

For instance, if a journalists were giving a update, they would have to drive over to the scene of the crime, or election or wherever the news is and continue Vining away. It’s fun, it’s quick and It’s a new way to look at reporting, There isn’t any journalist I have seen making Vine videos, but if I were them I would. Vine is a new social medium on the rise- We need to keep up!