Like any social network, people are always trying to take account of how many followers or friend request they get. Users are constantly searching for ways to improve their social networking site, which either leads them to a great advantage or disadvantage. But, little do they know there are many helpful tips that can boost ones’ creditability and fame!


Competing against other users while using a social networking website is very difficult, especially when using Twitter! Twitter is considered the fast and simplest way to connect to the latest stories, ideas, opinions, and news. If you’ve always wanted to blog, but have never had the chance to write a meaningful post, twitter can solve that problem in just one short statement.

Make sure you've tweeted

Make sure you’ve tweeted


So the question is…How can I get my twitter account noticed? Well here are some fast and easy tips that can help you to get the creditability that you’re shooting for:


  1. Get your opinion: Although temptation can take a hold of us, prevent yourself from copying others’. Come up with a statement that you yourself can understand.
  2. Insightful knowledge: Do some research about the topic you want to publish. Make sure that it’s something that would make others want to follow you!
  3. Lend a helping hand: Many users are constantly posing questions on twitter. Instead of just staring at the question and scrolling down to see what other tweets are there, try your best to answer that particular post! By doing so not only are you helping that person, but it boosts your creditability!
  4. Follow and be follow: The whole purpose of twitter is to follow others and hope that they would follow back too! Reply to those that tweet you so that you can create a networking connection and not just treat them as one of your usual followers.
  5. Learn from others: You can certainly learn a lot by following different organizations or news outlets. With the constant flow of tweets everyday, you can easily get ideas of what you want to talk about or even some ideas of what or what not to tweet on twitter!
  6. Hashtags: Professionals often use twitter hashtags to associate tweets with specific newsworthy events, ideas, or trends. Hashtags categorize your tweet, which can be helpful and easier for others to discover.
  7. Participate: Participation has to be the number one thing that users should do everyday. Participate with your followers conversation, just to let them know that you’re there as well!


By applying most of these tips it cannot only boost your popularity on twitter, but also your credentials!