The locals of Las Vegas are constantlyinundated with things to do. There are shows, casinos, restaurants and even a constant stream of conventions. However, there aren’t many things for adults to do that can take us back to our child hood.

Kiss by Monster Mini golf takes care of all of that. It is an 18-hole indoor mini golf experience, which is taken to the next level by theming it after the rock ‘n’ roll super group Kiss.

Located across from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, when you walk in you automatically know that you are going to have an enjoyable experience. Kiss music is blasting throughout the building, the mini golf area is under a black light and there is even a DeLorean at the front door. I will admit I an not sure what the DeLorean has to do with Kiss, but it did give me the sense that this place was about having fun and enjoying yourself.


As you progress through the 18-holes of mini golf, you get all the things you would expect. Each hole it themed after Kiss, with some referencing certain members like Gene Simmons, while others put the entire group in the spot light. Also, some of the holes can be quite challenging, needing the player to hit the ball at the perfect angle or risk putting themselves in a bad position. I found myself in bad position after bad position throughout the entire game.

The Fun doesn’t stop with the mini golf though. When your done with that you can enjoy the arcade which includes 2 air hockey tables and a plethora of games that vary from your typical shoot em up video game, to prize games where you can win tickets that you can redeem for prizes.


The fact that they are based in Vegas did not slip past the owners either because there is indeed a “Kiss Hotter Than Hell Wedding Chapel.” In fact while I was there a couple renewed their vows, and the proceeding were held by a Gene Simmons impersonator, but of course I would expect nothing less.

Just incase that all isn’t enough for you there was also plenty of Kiss merchandise that was available for purchase varying from a Kiss onesie to Kiss Kondoms, and no that is not a typo.

Overall Kiss by Monster Mini Golf is an enjoyable experience that caters to adults but is still appropriate enough for families. If you are ever looking for something to do on a Friday night, it gets my vote.