Art is, in many ways, underrated and under-appreciated yet everybody knows the classic artists such as Michelangelo and Picasso. I decided to do my assignment by interviewing a modern-day artist who is doing an unbelievable performance art piece that takes place for a duration of one year.

His name is Arjuna Capulong and he is a 21-year-old student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, more commonly abbreviated as SAIC. He has decided to take the idea of art and throw it way out of the box. His performance art, called the one-year performance, consists of him not cutting any of his hair for an entire year.

Capulong’s Proposal/Contract

Capulong’s inspiration for this project comes from his father, who had always told him: “you need to maximize your potential.” Capulong felt he needed to, in a sense, fix his life, and focus on a project, and hopes that this year-long project will be a catalyst to producing even more artwork within this time frame and in the future.

Another influence for this project was the idea of vanity and hair. “Hair is such a strong, simple type of vanity for people,” Capulong says. By shaving all of his hair, Capulong hopes to “let go of all of this vanity.”

The idea of a durational performance came from another performing arts artist based in New York, Tehching Hsieh. This topic of a time duration for performances intrigued Capulong. “There’s a disconnection between art and life,” says Capulong, “I want my art to support my real life.” Capulong states that there is constant debate between performing arts and real life, where many ask: “how blurry is the line between life and art?” However, one of the main things he has got out of his performance thus far is self-control. “This is almost like a self-improvement project,” Capulong says, “I mean I definitely gained more discipline.”

Capulong began his project on November 26, 2012 and will finish it on November 27, 2013. So far, Capulong has been 7 months in and has gained massive support from his family and friends. “The support of my family really mean a lot to me,” Capulong says. To this very day, Capulong continues to start long durational performances while continuing his first one.