Las Vegas Strip Through Fisheye Lens

The Las Vegas Strip Through Fisheye Lens

As a girl who works on the strip and is under 21, one of the most commonly asked question I get besides “Where’s the bathroom?” is the infamous: What can you do in Vegas when you’re not even 21?! Well, I took a few photos to answer that question for everyone!

It’s true — Las Vegas is famous for its sin-esque atmosphere, the sexy ladies, the drinking, and the partying. Nightclubs involving all of the aforementioned things require you to be 21. So what is the appeal of Vegas, or what can I do as a local who can’t drink and party?

First and foremost — sightseeing! Las Vegas is a beautiful city, full of bright lights and colorful personalities within its crowded streets. Even if it does get a little boring, there’s no denying that the city lights can mesmerize a person.

Secondly, there are famous store such as the M&M store which is full of all things M&Ms and the Coca-Cola store right beside it. Here, tourists can buy merchandise, taste different flavors of soda and M&Ms, play games, and interact with mascots! It’s definitely a kid-friendly place as well.

Another place is the Bellagio. Even though there are dozens of casinos on the strip, the Bellagio is famously known for its indoor garden, which changes 4 times a year according to the season or occasion. This masterpiece is designed and put together perfectly. You can find yourself walking through the garden area along with hundreds, maybe even thousands, of other tourists smiling and taking photos along with you. Right across from the garden is the famous ceiling made of glass flowers. You can easily find yourself breaking your neck as you try to imagine how much blood, sweat, and tears were put into making such beautiful art pieces!

Shopping is another thing to do in Las Vegas and that certainly has no age limits. There are stores ranging from Macy’s to Louis Vuitton all over the strip. We have the Fashion Show Mall and the outlets, and we even have some shopping complexes inside our casinos, such as Miracle Miles and even the one in Aria. So much shopping goes in Vegas, all from high-end to low-end.

Other things to do are to catch shows, most famously being Cirque du Soleil. There are also other shows in similar styles such as Le Reve at the Wynn. There’s also a hidden movie theatre behind MGM Grand for those who want to catch a blockbuster!

Last but not least, we have a tram that runs through the strip. This is for helping visitors in their travels. However, on a good day, riding this could be a good $5. You’re able to see the strip and get across it fairly fast. The tram is a good way to visit each casino, while passing by the strip and getting a nice view.

The camera used for these photos is a Nikon D40. I chose this topic because, as I said earlier, I get asked what I can do on the strip as person who isn’t of age to drink or club. I decided to focus on the “nightlife” in Vegas for under 21-year-olds because before the sun goes down, Las Vegas feels like a million and a half degrees. With the sun down, people are free to roam and walk without worrying about the sun melting their skin. I simply took my camera and went to places I would and took pictures (as if I was a tourist). For the night, I acted like a complete tourist and used pictures from my little “vacation.”