With the noticeable boom in renovation and renaissance of Freemont Street, many locals have turned their attention to Downtown Henderson’s Water Street wondering if it too can be rejuvenated.

Water Street is the heart of Henderson, filled with culture, a homey small town Main Street feel, and events for all ages and interests.  With the recent and seemingly daily transformation and revival of Freemont, many have wondered if this quaint part of Henderson can use a similar formula to generate similar results.  Yet, the major disconnect is in the audience each of these districts pertain to.

Some feel, with a fair argument, that the Water Street District has failed in trying to kick of similar renovations using a like strategy to that of Freemont.  But while many are comparing the two, it is being missed that each of these Downtown go to spots may be similar in nature; yet each caters to a drastically different audience.  While one harnesses an impressing art district, bars for all walks, and constant entertainment, even though locals don’t miss out on the fun, it is highly tourist driven.  Henderson’s heart lies in the locals.

There is a different formula for the necessary rejuvenation of the Water Street District and the locals are the key.  The streets are lined with ma and pop shops, beauty parlors and restaurants instead of themed bars and a random strip club. Locals gather at a coffee shop long after closing hours that is called simply The Coffee House, just to sit and chat with the owner and a group of friends. It’s a much different feel than what you would find in downtown Las Vegas.

The Water Street District has a different flow and feel, but this unique vibe compliments the city and should not be held in comparison to the lifestyle that surrounds Downtown Las Vegas.

The Water District is full of life and constantly hosting events year round including parades, music and car shows to name a few.  For a full list of events and to learn more, visit the Water Street District’s website.

The photos where shot with a Nikon Cool Pix L22 on Water Street in Henderson, Nevada.