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These photos are from my Bermuda adventure. I had an anthropology course that required we observe and participate in another culture of our choosing. I was invited to attend the Bermuda Music Festival and figured two birds, one stone…why not? It was so amazing; five girls, drinks, music and a yacht—what’s not to love. I want to capture the essence of the island, the architecture, the festival and even the light house that I climbed to the top of. I originally planned just to share all the sky shots from various trips but when I looked the photo of the sunset and boats I just kept adding. Since most people don’t often leave the states I figured it would be a beautiful set to share.

I learned so much about their culture and heritage. For instance the country consists of 54% Africans, they were colonized by the British, and they enjoy the benefits of self-governing but also get to have the protections of the UK. Another interesting fact was that Pocahontas’ bloodline ends there as her last known decent died there. The homes are incredibly well built. They can withstand a category 5 hurricane. All the people who live there pass their homes to the next generation. The sense of community and pride is just so strong. Interestingly enough, looking at all the photos allowed me to relive the fascination of everything about this trip, especially the rum cake.

The type of camera I used was a Panasonic. It was an 8 mega pixel camera. I don’t recall the model as I lost the camera a few months later unfortunately. But at least I down loaded the photos before I misplace it. I hope you find this mix to be as adventurous and relaxing as it looks. If you’re ever island hopping in the Caribbean, make sure to stop in Bermuda. It’s a blast.