Las Vegas won’t be known as the City of Sin but as City of Tabula Rasa, Where tourists and locals and start fresh every time they enter this city.

When tourists come to Las Vegas and hear the word “industry” they might think of cocktail servers, bartenders, club promotors, and dancers but Las Vegas isn’t just about the night life-it’s a growing city.

Las Vegas is coming out with massive projects that will help increase the cities revenue. Las Vegas opened Wet n’Wild in May of this year, and will continue to expand until summer 2014.

Last year, Las Vegas was at 11.7 percent unemployment rate, this only means that the expansion of the industry will create a increase in jobs.

The Quad Resort and Casino is one of the many new additions to Las Vegas. The Oriental themed casino made its debut on Dec. 21 of last year; however, the exterior of the casino is still being perfected.

World Resort Las Vegas is making its way to the strip by replacing the old Stardust Hotel & Casino, construction is still taking place but opening will take place 2016 according the Calvin Ayre 

The Sahara Hotel & Casino will be making a grand opening with the new renovations as SLS Hotel & Casino in 2014. This means their will be no big blue roller coasters!

Gov. Brian Sandoval has stated that the re-opening is great for Nevada, considering it’s  ”the nation’s highest unemployment rate after the recession brought explosive growth to a crawl” according the Huffington Post.

The most exciting of all the opening is The Linq, where there will be a “High Roller” ferris wheel anchoring a series of restaurants and shopping areas.

The industry of Las Vegas really stood out to me, because Las Vegas is growing by the minute. Most of us residents never thought we would see the bright side  but the light is near, literally.

I took the photos with my Nikon camera, since it allows me to add cool effects to picture and gives me a more glossy picture as opposed to taking the picture with my phone. I wanted to be old school and find the photographer within so I left my tripod at home and freehanded it, it allowed me to chose my angles and move briskly-especially in the Las Vegas traffic!