SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s summertime and hot outside, but that is not a good excuse for ignoring your dog’s need for exercise. According to Healthy Pet U website, “Lack of exercise is one of the major reasons behind many causes of problem behavior.” The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) states:

Some of the most common behavior problems seen in dogs that don’t get enough exercise and play are:

  • Destructive chewing, digging or scratching
    Obstacles for dogs to play around.

    Obstacles for dogs to play around.


  • Investigative behaviors, like garbage raiding
  • Hyperactivity, excitability and night-time activity
  • Unruliness, knocking over furniture and jumping up on people
  • Excessive predatory and social play
  • Play biting and rough play
  • Attention-getting behaviors like barking and whining

In Las Vegas it does cool off during sundown. It would be the optimum time to take dogs to the dog park. The sun is not beating down on you and your dog gets the benefit of exercise and socializing. “Dogs bred to retrieve are happiest getting their exercise by fetching, and often, swimming; those bred to hunt like to chase and explore; those bred to pull carts or sleds love to pull anything; and those bred to herd enjoy herding, but may have to settle for chasing and catching,” as stated on the Healthy Pet U. Dog parks are not just a fenced in “lot” of grass. There are piles of rocks, a few trees, and places for people to sit, and sometimes have “obstacles” for the dogs to play. Dog parks can be beneficial.

I was inspired to write about this topic (importance of dog exercise) because I noticed a decline of attendance at the dog park. Dogs cannot be “held hostage” because it is hot outside. Not only will dogs pick up bad behavior, but also there is the possibility of obesity. Similar to humans, obesity in dogs is also a serious issue.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAIt was difficult to capture “interesting,” “cute,” and “captivating” pictures because dogs in dog parks do not stay still for very long. They are easily distracted. I also had to get permission from the owners before I took and posted pictures of their dog online.  If some owners did not agree I had to work around their dog.  I used a simple Sanyo 14 mega pixel digital camera, instead of my iPhone. I probably would have been better off using my iPhone.

For more images of the dog park visit Flickr.