Go to Flickr Photos to see more of what Town Square has to offer

Go to Flickr Photos to see more of what Town Square has to offer


With the Fourth of July sales on its’ way, Town Square of Las Vegas is preparing their stores for their shoppers.  But, underneath all those sales and clearance items Town Square offers a family atmosphere that each member can enjoy. This outdoor mall not only provides a customer with a great shopping experience, but it also allows the entire family to fancy the mall’s amenities as well.


As an outdoor mall, patrons can appreciate the designed European Village in a family atmosphere. The wide range of greenery also provides a great outdoorsy feeling that can actually make customers want to enjoy the outside of the stores rather than going inside. There are activities that the family can enjoy doing especially for the children! Ranging from the well-known Guess store to the newly opened boutiques, the outdoor mall provides a variety of stores that can suit each family member.


The mall also highlights their Town Square Park featuring concerts, fashion shows, and special events. It is also a great place to have a picnic with the family as well! Adjacent to the park is the Children’s park where kids of all ages can also have some fun. The park features a tree house, rock wall, slides, and a merry go round. The park also has a Pop-Jet Fountain for the kids to cool down on those hot summer days. The children can also enjoy the park’s hedge maze with interactive animal topiaries.


Town Square can also provide the family with a variety of delectable restaurants from a simple sub sandwich from the newly opened Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop or to a huge meal from Claim Jumper. If you just want to snack on something small the outdoor mall provides snack kiosks right next to the children’s park. The mall also features a movie theater that the whole family can enjoy after a long day of shopping.


Personally I enjoy coming to this mall especially because of the family atmosphere since my family is back in Hawaii and being at the mall makes me feel like I’m at home! I’ve been going to that mall lately to either, catch a movie, eat a meal, or even just to walk around. I feel like this mall conveys a hidden message under all that shopping, sales and dining. That message is family and bringing everyone together in one spot at the same time. I think that Town Square touches base on a variety of individuals needs. Although I feel like I spend lots of time there, it was definitely hard for me to take some photos with my personal Sony W710 Cyber-shot camera. I tried to be discrete as possible and not seem like I’m trying to stalk them at all. I basically had to pretend that I was just looking at pictures on my camera the entire time while at the same time trying to take a good quality picture. But, overall the beauty inside and out of the outdoor mall is something that everyone can definitely enjoy!