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Las Vegas is not known as a sports town. While it is true that we have a better than average college basketball program, we have no professional teams to rally around. This is an interesting feature of our town considering the fact that most days of the week you can walk into any casino sports book and see it packed with people watching the games play out on television.

Score LV is a sports fans dream, and in a town that has no professional teams, it is the perfect fit for all of the people who are looking for a way to celebrate their favorite team or player.

Not only is Score LV a museum located in the Luxor Hotel and Casino that celebrates the athletes of the past, but it also gets the spectator involved by making multiple parts of the tour interactive. As you walk in you will be asked to fill out a form on a tablet, which represents you signing with a management company who promises to make all of your dreams come true. From being the world’s highest paid athlete to becoming the most liked athlete in the world.

As you progress through the museum you first stat with football. Here you will see jerseys from the best athletes to ever play the game separated by there position. So if you only want to look at quarterbacks you have that option. Also each section has a dedicated space to one great athlete. For football it was Marcus Allen, who collection of items in the exhibit were so vast it showed his jersey from the last team he played for in the NFL (The Kansas City Chiefs), all the way to his high school letterman’s jacket, and everything in-between.

The Next section is hockey, and while you might not be the biggest fan of the sport our northern neighbors love so much, you get to participate in a stick handling game that will test your coordination. This is the aspect of score that is so amazing, because not only do you get to see things from sports history, but there are also things to do along the way that will keep you enticed through the entire experience.

You continue your way through the rest of your tour you will get to see boxing, United States soccer, baseball, basketball, and NASCAR.

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At the conclusion of the tour you will get to see a screen that shows that the management company you signed with made your every wish come true, Including your signing bonus check and your name on the jersey of the team you most wanted to join.

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After the tour there is a gift shop you can go through that will let you see all of the latest gear that all of the sports leagues have come out with this year.

Overall Score LV is a fun experience that you can enjoy by yourself or with the entire family, and can fill the void for every professional sports fan who is looking to connect to something in a town that has no Professional sports team.