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This week’s crate from Trish & Ed’s Organics. To see more photos that I took, please visit:

It’s nothing new, America has the world’s worst reputation when it comes to obesity and healthy food choices.  It is easy to sit around and accept this fact, just as it is easy to drive through one of the many fast food options that we drive by on a daily basis.  Some may not be aware of the numerous health-oriented restaurants and businesses that lurk in our community.

I found inspiration to write this blog post as I was having a casual conversation with one of my friend’s house guests.  She is visiting from Australia, and mentioned how surprised she was at how much access we have to organic produce.  She confided in me that we, in Las Vegas, have far more healthy options that she does in Australia.  I learned that organic produce is scarce and extremely expensive where she comes from.

The fact is that we do have access to many affordable healthy choices.  I decided to write this post to share a two of my favorite local finds with my readers.  I then embarked on my journey to create my photo essay, and decided to use my iPhone 5 as my camera.

My first stop was Trish And Ed’s Organics, which I personally visit on a weekly basis.  Trish was super nice and gave me permission to take some photos for this project.  Trish And Ed’s Organics is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), where it’s clients pick up a crate weekly.  Each crate is packed with 100% USDA Certified organic, locally grown, seasonal vegetables and fruit.  I posted a picture of the crate that I picked up at the top of this blog post.  Through this CSA, I have fully enjoyed preparing produce that I wouldn’t normally pick at the store.  I also love the fact that my house is constantly stocked with nutritious foods.  In fact, sometimes I get too much!  When I feel like I have an excess of  vegetables and fruit from Trish And Ed’s Organics, I throw them in the juicer and make myself a delicious beverage.

Trish And Ed’s Organics also hosts the brand new Ig-zil-uh-reyt Juice Bar.  Ig-zil-uh-reyt uses Trish And Ed’s Organic produce in their own smoothie and juice recipes.  My favorite is called “The Hulk” which has a combination of pretty much anything that is green and seasonal in their store.  There is also a section that offers various organic superfood that you can put in your smoothies at home.

My next stop was right across the street.  Greens and Proteins is a café that offers all sorts of health food.  This hip spot boasts nutritious food in all sorts of forms: smoothies, juices, wraps, pizzas, you name it!  Also, they provide vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.  After receiving authorization to snap some photos, I was able to capture the essence of this enticing find.  Before leaving, I of course grabbed their legendary “Wellness Drink” which is a blend of green grapes, green apples, agave, flax seeds, ginger, pineapples, oranges, wheat grass, spinach, kale, collard greens, and lime.

Greens and Proteins' Wellness Drink

Greens and Proteins’ Wellness Drink

Temptation may be everywhere, but so are healthy indulgences.

To see the complete set of photos that I took during this quest for health, please visit my Flickr.