1Caffeine and Canvas is a monthly tradition at Grouchy John’s coffee shop. A small local business this coffee shop often throws events such as this. Caffeine and Canvas a class taught by a native Las Vegas artist who sells his colorful artwork on the walls of the coffee shop.  In the class people enjoy the beverages available while learning how to paint a picture with the help of an expert.  The class occurred on the 26th June 2013 in the evening. There were approximately 20 participants ranging in age.

I chose to do this event as my photo essay as I am fond of local businesses when the owner can be seen actively involved in the company. I also work at this coffee shop so see a lot of the events that come through, and see how much fun everyone has partaking. I actually took part in the class so had to take pictures during the class. I thought it would be interesting to take before and after pictures of the canvases.  Here is a link to my full set of photographs from the event.

It was kind of awkward at times taking the pictures because we were quite cramped in the class. I also didn’t want to distract people taking pictures with my flash. I attempted to get candid pictures so they looked more natural. I like how you can see the different stages of the painting process in my photo essay.

I admit I am an amateur I used my iPhone to take the pictures.  I think iPhones produce just as good quality as an average digital camera. It is easy to use an IPhone as they are small and portable. I am content with my pictures as this was the first time I took photos as a photo journalist. It was simple to upload the pictures to Flickr so I can see myself utilizing the site in the future.  In this article from petapixel.com it describes the internet as killing photojournalism, I can agree with this outlook because with websites such as Flickr anyone like me can grab a camera and become a journalist.